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M2M4RIA is an extension for OpenRIAServices that adds support for many-2-many relations.

Breaking changes

M2M4RIA has been ported to OpenRIAServices. For this transition we've changed the name space of M2M4RIA to be consistent with the name space of OpenRiaServices. This has the following impact on existing code:
  • The name space RIAServices.M2M has been renamed to OpenRiaServices.M2M.
Documentation for the previous version of M2M4Ria for WCF Ria Services can be found here.

  • Can be installed with NuGet.
  • Supports Entity Framework code-first, model first, and DbContext.
  • A strongly-typed configuration mechanism using the Fluent Metadata API for OpenRIAServices
  • A code generator that seamlessly integrates with the code generator of OpenRIAServices.
  • Requires only a minimal adaption of your data model (see StepByStepInstructions).
  • Supports many-2-many relations with composite keys.
M2M4RIA is distributed as a collection of NuGet packages: Usage
  1. Add the M2M4RIA NuGet packages to your solution.
  2. Create LinkTable entities (By subclassing a generic LinkTable class provided by M2M4RIA).
  3. Extend your data model with "link table" views.
  4. Configure your M2M relations using the fluent metadata API.
  5. Add Insert/Delete operations to your domain service for your link table entities
A complete step-by-step guide is provided here.

The source code repository contains a sample application that shows how M2M4RIA can be used..

I would like to thank Colin Blair because without his support, m2m4ria would probably not exist.

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