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(This information is obsolete since M2M4RIA has now been ported to OpenRiaServices, checkout OpenRiaServices.M2M)

M2M4RIA is an extension for WCF RIA Services that adds support for many-2-many relations.

The new version of M2M4RIA has the following new features:
  • It can be installed with NuGet.
  • It supports Entity Framework code-first, model first, and DbContext.
  • It has a strongly-typed configuration mechanism using the fluent metadata API for WCF RIA Services.
  • Its code generator seamlessly integrates with the code generator of WCF RIA Services.
  • It requires only a minimal adaption of your datamodel.
  • It supports many-2-many relations with composite keys.
This version removes the following limitations/restrictions from previous versions:
  • It is no longer specific for Entity Framework and its code generator is no longer tightly coupled with an EDMX entity model.
  • It no longer requires a difficult and fragile setup and configuration with T4 templates.
  • It no longer requires a tedious installation where individual files had to be added to specific locations in your projects.
M2M4RIA is distributed as a collection of NuGet packages: Usage
  1. Add the M2M4RIA NuGet packages to your solution.
  2. Create LinkTable entities (By subclassing a generic LinkTable class provided by M2M4RIA).
  3. Extend your datamodel with "link table" views.
  4. Configure your M2M relations using the fluent metadata API.
  5. Add Insert/Delete operations to your domain service for your link table entities
A complete step-by-step guide is provided here.

The source code repository contains a sample application that shows how M2M4RIA can be used..

I would like to thank Colin Blair because without his support, m2m4ria-v2 would probably not exist.

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